Learning to blog again – like learning to walk again?!

So today I am just testing out my new blog, whilst tearing out my newly dyed (pink and purple!) hair. I started a blog a few years back, and I really don’t remember it being this tricky. But perhaps I am expecting the blog site to contain too much output from my rambling brain, or perhaps my rambling brain is just too old or damaged by disease, trauma, drugs, alcohol or worse!!

The blurb here says to explain what you should expect from my blog – put simply, that would be my normal craziness, hopefully lots of fun, and endless chatter about whatever has passed quickly through my mind at any given moment in time!

My strap line mentions, wellness, unwellness, Cyprus, learning new stuff, and reviews. To enlighten you a little more…

  • By “wellness” I mean that I will bore you to death with my latest attempts to be fit and healthy: running, yoga, the latest race, or sponsored event, or even an update if I ever lose enough weight for it to be newsworthy.  But not just physically healthy, mentally healthy too…

  • “Unwellness” as many of my family and friends know is a subject close to my heart, but closer to my head. At the moment I see a Cypriot neurologist/psychiatrist who will no doubt be the subject of the odd post. I’ve had epilepsy (officially) for about 30 years now, and we play fun with drugs, visits to doctors, hospitals etc. And dealing with mental health – depression, anxiety, and other crazies – how to cope? A reason why I do yoga – lots of downward dog going on in this house!!

  • Cyprus – well, where do I start??? We came here a year or so ago, and it is a lovely island, full of sun and entertaining stories… More of those to come!

  • Having come to Cyprus, I’m using the opportunity to learn lots of stuff, including cooking and reading. So, you’ll not have to suffer tasting the actual food, unless you visit or are one of my lovely neighbours, but I’ll post some photos and recipes (including the disasters).

  • I also want to post reviews of books I’ve read and places I’ve been, so that if I haven’t bored you enough, and you fancy checking out some new places or books, you’ll get my opinion (for whatever that is worth)

So, the aim of the blog is to keep my long-winded drivel off of social media. I certainly can’t squeeze it into Twitter. But let me know what you think, and what you want more or less of.

Now I just need to work out how to put all these categories into headings on the front page????


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